1 month digital transformation internship powered by Crimson

A Digital Transformation Experience

Solve key issues within industries that have room for disruption

The KPMG Digital Transformation Internship is a cohort based skill building opportunity for future career success. It will be a foundational setting for you to learn practical skills whilst being able to accelerate your careers development with early work experience as a high school student.

A forward-looking experience

Learn how to innovate within industries to generate impact on a global scale

The 3 core competencies of this program:

Cyber Security

Gain first hand experience into this extremely coveted career pathway. 

Technology makes many things possible, but possible doesn’t always mean safe. As cyber threats grow in volume and sophistication, technology becomes essential for meeting the needs of a business. You will learn how businesses not just manage cyber risk, but use it as a source of growth and market edge.


Digital Strategy

Learn how digital strategy can help enhance customer experience, operational productivity and collaboration through leveraging the latest digital technologies. You will learn how to transform business operating models and value chains to improve benefits from the use of digital technologies for all stakeholders of a business 

AI & Cognitive

Learn how to combine business acumen, creativity, design thinking and technical expertise whilst working at the intersection of psychology, analytics and technology. Through this experience, you will understand how to develop strategic concepts from planning through to design, development and implementation.


Program Outline

Week 1

Orientation Week

Get introduced to the program, your mentors, your team and KPMG. You will learn what it's like to work at KPMG and begin preliminary research on the program project with you team

Week 3

Development Week

You are now equipped with the adequate skillset to complete the program. Applying your knowledge onto the project in the context of KPMG and working as a team is the focus of this week.

Week 2

Competence Week

You will obtain all the required skills to complete the project. Through a series of skills lectures you will get a fully immersive learning experience and all the adequate skills.

Week 4

Pitch Night

For the final night you will pitch your project and findings to KPMG representatives and upon completion, receive a referral letter. Teams will be ranked by KPMG to get their strategies implemented

Tangible Outcomes

Gaining Practical skills in Cyber Security, Digital Strategy and AI

Pitching the final project findings to firm representatives

Potential to create massive impact through recommendations

Gaining a referral letter signed by KPMG

Program Details

8th Jan 2022 -

5th Feb 2022*



Eligible Age*



Per Team


Commitment per week

Application Process

1. Online Registration



3. Written Application

4. Program acceptance

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