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Weiss Asset Management

An elite hedge fund based in Boston, Massachusetts with $2.7 billion under management


A pre-recruitment program for exceptional high school students interested in a career in finance. 

You will be part of an exceptional cohort of top high school students all around the  world partaking in an educational and competitive work experience program. You will have the potential to be directly recruited by an top Hedge Fund straight out of high school.

Learn Research and Portfolio Management

Conduct research and financial analysis on securities to learn how to trade and monitor these assets under a team portfolio. 

What you will be doing...

Equity Research

You will need to continuously stay up to date on a wide variety of macroeconomic trends, market forecasts and financial news - this allows you to identify attractive investment opportunities. Once an opportunity is identified, you form an investment thesis and conduct thorough qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate the potential of the investment. 

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Financial Analysis

You will use various financial analysis methods to uncover the company's actual value. You will then visualise these findings and data to inform better investment decisions. The financial analysis techniques will cover both fundamental and technical Analysis. 

Deliver recommendation and monitor portfolio 

Based on the equity research and financial analysis on the investment opportunity, you will pitch a recommendation on the company. After appropriate evaluation, this will be included in your team portfolio. You will then monitor the performance of your team's portfolio and share any findings and indicators to potentially update the course of action of the firm. 

Trading Floor

Hedge Fund Career Snapshot

$120K +

Avg. Starting Salary

Full Ownership

Generate ideas and actually capitalise on them


Career Pathway in Finance

Program Outline

Week 1

Orientation Week

Get introduced to the program, your mentors, your team and Weiss. You will learn what it's like to work at a hedge fund and begin preliminary research on the program project with you team

Week 3

Development Week

You are now equipped with the adequate skillset to complete the program. Applying your knowledge onto the project in the context of Weiss and working as a team is the focus of this week.

Week 2

Competence Week

You will obtain all the required skills to complete the project. Through a series of skills lectures you will get a fully immersive learning experience and all the adequate skills.

Week 4

Pitch Night and Pre-recruitment

For the final night you will pitch your project and findings to Weiss representatives and upon completion, receive a referral letter. Top performers will have the opportunity for recruitment into the firm.

Tangible Outcomes

Gaining Practical skills in Finance, Economics and Data

Ranked score in final presentation to Weiss representatives

Potential recruitment into summer/winter analyst positions

Gaining a referral letter signed by Weiss Asset Management

Program Details

20th Aug -

17th Sep



Eligible Age*



Per Team

20-40 hrs

Commitment per week

Application Process

1. Online Registration 

2. Written Application

3. Interview Round

4. Program acceptance

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